Hello world!

Good evening world. We are a bunch of furry bears living together in a bungalow in a small village called Little Bearton in Great Beartain! living in a world populated by strange creatures called hoooomans can be a little difficult, but mostly we manage.

We like to do all that hoooomans do, and we think we actually do it a little better than hoooomans can too. We bake, we craft, we create (mostly a large mess but that’s creative, right?)

We’ll introduce ourselves bit by bit as we write our blog, but here’s a pic of a few of us at bedtime, aren’t we the cutest?


We’ll all be taking turns at writing this blog, as we all believe we have the most creative paws, and can’t agree on who should be head writer. We’ll blog about our views, our hobbies, our daily lives, anything that comes to mind really. We may even blog some of our ‘paw’etry, as we’re pretty good at rhyming verse ( or so we think).

TTFN (time to find nosh!)

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